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Alle Hartiwood films se flieks is GRATIS!

Pretville is an Afrikaans musical film from Hartiwood Films. Reuniting the talented filmmaking team behind the 2010 blockbuster Liefling, Die Movie – producers Paul Kruger and Emma Kruger, and co-producer and director Linda Korsten – the film is a rollicking Afrikaans musical set in the 50s. In the small, bright and vibrant town of Pretville, anything is possible and lots of interesting things happen all the time.

Photographer Lise le Roux lives with her father on a wine farm near Stellenbosch, South Africa. Her mother passed away some time ago, leaving a secret French Toast family recipe behind as a symbol of her legacy. One day Lise stumbles upon her mother’s old diary and to her astonishment finds out that she has a brother or sister somewhere in France. Despite the facy that Theo, her fathers’s right-hand winemake, is about to propose, Lise decides to travel to Paris in order to find her lost sibling and hopefully some truth about her mother.